London Environmental Network's Monthly Donor Club aims to recognize environmental leaders in the community for their commitment to a better environment. Our Monthly Donors share our vision for a city that is greener and more resilient. Together, we can make create positive environmental change in London. 

Do you share our vision for a green and resilient city too? Become a Monthly Donor today!

  1. Go to our donor page,
  2. Select your preferred monthly contribution amount,
  3. Select the 'monthly' option,
  4. Process your payment,
  5. Congrats, you're automatically enrolled in our Monthly Donor Club!

Monthly Donor Club Benefits

  • Featured profile on our Monthly Donor Club page; 
  • Access to exclusive environmental invites and offers; and 
  • Free tickets to all Green Drinks for a full year! 

Our Environmental Leaders:

Kaitlin truly walks the talk when it comes to supporting local climate action by volunteering in her community, native plant gardening, stopping (safely) to move turtles off the road, growing her own food and buying local, and taking the time to teach anyone who is willing to listen about nature. "Someone once told me that as a young person, they felt guilty for not having the disposable income to make charitable donations to causes they care about, especially given the current global crisis. If, like me, you aren't in the place to make a large financial contribution, consider joining our monthly sponsorship campaign!"


“We’re all born here on this planet to do something, and I know that my purpose is tied to leaving this place better than when I got here. For me this looks like doing everything I can to preserve, protect, and promote the health of our environment!"

Sonja believes in taking environmental action with us, she says that "The London Environmental Network is one of the best ways for organizations and citizens of London to collaborate in solving our most wicked environmental problems. LEN's work will help make London one of the greenest and most resilient cities in Canada."

"London is nicknamed the Forest City, so it’s about time that we cared more for our forests, parks and river! I support London Environmental Network's vision of making London one of the greenest cities in Canada. As a community, we have everything it takes to achieve this goal!...The most important thing I do to take environmental action in my life is to talk to people around me! It’s not ok to stay silent any more. We’re all in this together. Mother Earth needs us!”

"Working for environmental change is important - but we need to work together to be effective in combating the climate crisis. The work of the London Environmental Network in supporting environmental justice throughout London is deeply inspiring and has motivated me to get more engaged with the community. While I am taking more individual steps to reduce my environmental footprint, I am thrilled to be an active participant in working towards living in a more sustainable city."

"Taking local environmental action with London Environmental Network is important to me because I believe in the positive impact that it will bring by creating a more sustainable community within London. It’s important that we take care of our environment and community so that future generations can enjoy it as well. Hopefully the work that we do at the London Environmental Network today will bring positive change for years to come.”