MLFPC is seeking applicants for the January 2020 - December 2022 term. 

Are you interested in being a part of food system change in Middlesex London? Then the Middlesex London Food Policy Council needs you.

Here is the application form and here is the role description.

Please direct any queries to [email protected]

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Applications are due by November 29, 2019. Please send completed applications to [email protected].

Council Role Description: Middlesex London Food Policy Council Member 

Food Policy Councils are emerging across Canada. One of the first being the Toronto Food Policy Council which began 25 years ago. Currently more than 28 food policy councils or groups exist in Ontario alone. 

In November 2016, the Middlesex London Food Policy Council (MLFPC) was established (, based on the recommendation of the Middlesex London Community Food Assessment Report


Members of the Middlesex London Food Policy Council must either live or work in Middlesex County or the City of London. 

Roles and Responsibilities 

Members of the Food Policy Council will be expected to: 

  • Set direction on food system change; 
  • Take positions on local food system issues consistent with the vision and values of MLFPC; 
  • Drive or develop strategies for bringing about food system change; 
  • Write and advise on food policy; 
  • Provide leadership (i.e. attending events, speaking on behalf of the Council, etc.); 
  • Engage people and community regarding food issues in an open and democratic way; 
  • Leverage relationships to further the strategies and tactics that the MLFPC identifies. 

Relevant Skills 

Relevant skills for applicants to the Food Policy Council may include: 

  • Communication 
  • Community engagement 
  • Consultation and facilitation 
  • Data management, database development, information and analysis 
  • Experience with policy (e.g., writing or evaluating science/social/food policies) 
  • Financial background 
  • Leadership 
  • Legal expertise 
  • Marketing 
  • Partnership building 
  • Public relations 
  • Public speaking 
  • Research 
  • Web development, IT experience 

Time Commitment 

The Food Policy Council meets for 2 hrs, 7-8 times per year (no meetings in July, August and December). In addition to formal meetings, time would be requested for smaller, task-oriented groups, that may be formed to focus on and gather specific information and/or engage in further consultation on a specific issue. 

Term of Service 

Food Policy Council members will be appointed to a 2 Year term with the possibility of renewal for one more term. Executive committee will be voted upon by Council membership annually. Executive members willing to stand for an additional year may be considered. Missing two meetings a year without prior discussion with Chair is deemed equivalent to a resignation. The Executive will appoint new interim members during the term as needed. 

Above text via Middlesex London Food Policy Council