Project Description

The Middlesex-London Food Policy Council (MLFPC) is leading implementation for London Community Recovery Network’s Idea for Action 4.1: Increase focus on addressing food insecurity.

MLFPC is seeking a Project Coordinator to manage the next phase of its report, which will entail:

Collaborative development of a framework for a southwestern Ontario regional agri-food network; and,

  • Proposing coordinated activities and advocacy efforts that a network of stakeholders supporting community food security and the development of the local agri-food system could engage in collectively (i.e. action items for the network).


  • Research and summarize  existing models of regional agri-food networks 

  • Lead internal MLFPC committee to oversee this project

  • Plan to host stakeholder meeting(s), discussions

  • Recruit and hire a facilitator to guide the stakeholder meeting(s)

  • Technical report addressing the feasibility, key considerations, potential barriers, and potential benefits of an agri-food network in southwestern Ontario. 

  • Recommended priority action items for the network


  • Familiarity with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reporting within an SDG framework 

  • Project management experience, including setting and working to goals, targets, timelines and milestones

  • Experience with community engagement, establishing safe spaces for diverse voices to work collaboratively, with particular attention to individuals and communities who are systemically excluded from decision-making processes

  • Excellent research, writing, and communication skills

  • Knowledge of food system issues and food systems in southwestern Ontario would be an asset


Contract is expected to begin mid-October 2022, with a final report due June 2023

Application Deadline: Monday, September 26, 2022

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