We are super excited to announce our London Green Rebate program for homeowners in London. Until December 1st 2023, or until funds have been exhausted, homeowners can apply for a $1000 rebate for their installed Green Retrofit Rebate. The London Environmental Network’s Greener Homes London program works to inspire and empower homeowners to reduce the impact of their home through increased energy efficiency and carbon reductions while supporting homeowners to achieve financial incentives as a result of these home improvements.

Reducing homeowner emissions is a major component of the London Climate Emergency Action Plan, and our federal 2030 and 2050 emissions reductions goals. The London Green Retrofit Rebate program is an incentive offered under our Greener Homes London program to increase the presence and feasibility of installing environmentally friendly home retrofits in London and surrounding areas. Read below for more information on participant eligibility, retrofit eligibility, and how to apply. 

Accepted retrofits include: 

  • All heat pumps (air source heat pumps, cold climate air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, including heat pump + furnace combination / hybrid heating units)
  • Geothermal systems
  • Attic insulation upgrades to R50-R60  or maximum R value fitting of space, 
  • Basement insulation upgrades to R22 or maximum R value fitting of space, 
  • Solar photo voltaic systems, or solar PV + Battery back up combination units

Participant Eligibility: 

  • Must live within the City of London boundaries map 
  • Must have had an energy assessment with LEN between June 2022- current (those with assessments booked are also eligible)
  • Must be within the work period portion of the home energy assessment process (Had pre-retrofit assessment, or have assessment booked, and are entering or are in the work period) 
  • The homeowner has not had a post-retrofit assessment yet (if completed program, they are not eligible)
  • Cannot be affiliated with the London Environmental Network (board member, employee, active volunteer, etc.) 
  • Cannot be affiliated with the City of London (advisory member, employee, member of office, etc.) 



Questions? Email [email protected] | or by phone at 226-700-6945