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The London Environmental Book Club is a community group that works to connect individuals interested in environmentalism, and local & world environmental issues through reading and discussing environmentally-focused books, sourced from the local library. This book club is not managed by the London Environmental network - it is grassroots organized by community members who you can reach at,

Through readings and discussion groups we aim to educate ourselves about environmental issues and take individual and collective action. We also seek ways to spread our knowledge to others and encourage them to take action.

The London Environmental Book Club is a free, drop-in, friendly group that meets regularly on the third Wednesday of each month at the London Public Library, Central Branch (251 Dundas St.) in the Tonda Room. If you are interested in connecting with other green-minded folks, expanding your knowledge on environmental issues, asking questions, and making new friends, this is the perfect space for you! We invite you to follow the London Environmental Book Club on Facebook, and stay up to date with our books & meetings by regularly checking this page and the LEN events calendar. 
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Current Book:

Overdressed, Elizabeth L. Cline 

“Overdressed does for T-shirts and leggings what Fast Food Nation did for burgers and fries.”
—Katha Pollitt
Cheap fashion has fundamentally changed the way most Americans dress. Stores ranging from discounters like Target to traditional chains like JCPenny now offer the newest trends at unprecedentedly low prices. And we have little reason to keep wearing and repairing the clothes we already own when styles change so fast and it’s cheaper to just buy more.
Cline sets out to uncover the true nature of the cheap fashion juggernaut. What are we doing with all these cheap clothes? And more important, what are they doing to us, our society, our environment, and our economic well-being?



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