The London Environmental Network is seeking Events Committee volunteers to help organize and execute events across London!

Description of Events Committee:
The Events Committee organizes and promotes events that align with the values and mission of London Environmental Network (LEN). Events are designed to support and increase the visibility of the environmental sector in London. We embrace and value the diversity of our community, and are committed to creating inclusive events that invite broad participation.


  • Coordinate educational events for members and others which support organizational capacity in the environmental sector
  • Create networking opportunities that connect Londoners with a common interest in environmental issues
  • Collaborate with members to increase awareness of local environmental organizations through events that highlight ways for Londoners to engage
  • Support fundraising for LEN by incorporating fundraising activities into as many events as possible
  • The typical annual event schedule includes; 6 workshops on capacity building, 6 networking events, 1-2 collaboration events, 6+ outreach booths, 1-4 fundraisers and 1 conference. Occasionally we add other events as required to achieve our goals.

Event Committee Membership:

  • The Events Committee will be made up of minimum 6 individuals, ideally
    • Board Members (minimum 2)
    • Representatives from LEN Members organizations
    • Individuals with an interest in the environment
  • Members must commit to serve a minimum of one year

Decision Making and Reporting:
Decisions shall be made by consensus. If consensus cannot be reached, a simple majority vote of those in attendance will decide the issue. Voting by email is also permitted. Decisions with financial or other important implications for LEN must be reported to the LEN Board for feedback/ratification. The Events Committee will collaborate with the Evaluation Committee to ensure effective collection and analysis of feedback on events.

Duties of Committee Members
Committee Members will actively participate in the ongoing work of the Event Committee through attendance at meetings, actively participating in electronic communication between meetings, assisting with completion of tasks related to event organizing, promotion, or evaluation. We encourage Committee Members to attends some of the events throughout the year - but attendance at all events is not expected. Committee Members will rotate minute taking on a voluntary basis.

Time Commitment:
Meetings occur every other month however additional meetings may be needed to meet event organizing timelines. Members are expected to stay up to date on electronic communication which will be used between meetings to complete work. Members are also expected to commit to 1-3 hours of independent work outside of regularly scheduled meetings.

Specific Skills:
-Event planning
-Good communication
-Seeking volunteers with fundraising or event sponsorship experience

To Apply:
E-mail [email protected] with a resume and cover letter indicating your interest and reason to join the Events Committee. Please use “Events Committee Volunteer Application” in the subject line. Deadline to apply is May 16th, 2018.

Skylar Franke


Executive Director at London Environmental Network