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We have funding for a 2 month contract (8 weeks) starting July 1st 2019 to Friday August 23rd 2019. We do have some flexibility on the start and end dates however – so don’t let that be a deterrent! 

Job title: Communications and Graphic Design Assistant

Hourly wage rate: $14/hour for 35 hours a week. 8 week contract.

Position Details:

We have funding for a 2 month contract (8 weeks) starting July 1st 2019 to Friday August 23rd 2019. We do have some flexibility on the start and end dates however – so don’t let that be a deterrent! You must also meet the following Canada Summer Job requirements; must be between 15 and 30 years of age and a Canadian Citizen, permanent resident, or person on whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. International students are not eligible.

The Organization:

The London Environmental Network (LEN) is a network of local environmentally focused non-profits and community groups. LEN works to strengthen these groups internally so they are better able to make positive change over the long term. The LEN also works to raise the profile of the environmental non-profit sector so we attract more volunteers and supporters in growing a healthy, sustainable city.  

The Overview:

  • You’ll be responsible for curating content for the London Environmental Network’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts for 2 months (both scheduled and in person posts)
  • You will be responsible for the social media analytics for the organization.
  • You will help with event management, including event invites, coordinating food, and event setup
  • You will be the in-house graphic designer for the summer
  • Your days will be a mix of office work and event/outreach work.

Our Culture:

Small but mighty is our trademark! If you are the successful candidate you will be working in a team of two as you would be working closely with our staff team to achieve both your personal goals and the organizational goals. We want you to succeed just as much as we want to benefit from your work at LEN.

Preferable Experience:

Preference will be given to candidates that have the following experience:

  • Ideally in a program related to marketing, communications or graphic design
  • Demonstrated use of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for non-personal use
  • Ability to write clear and engaging content
  • Ability to design posters, images, etc.
  • Some experience with program implementation, evaluation or development
  • Reporting skills (tracking, evaluation etc.)

The Details:

The Communications & Graphic Design Assistant will be working on the development and delivery of the London Environmental Network (LEN) communications strategy along with updating and evaluating current LEN material.  

Responsibilities of the Communications & Graphic Design Assistant will include:

  • Development and posting of social media content
  • Design, development and implementation of LEN monthly e-newsletter for Londoners
  • Design of event invitations, surveys and other updates for email community as required
  • Assisting with the development of material for the LEN website
  • Assistance in the development of outreach material for LEN and network organizations
  • Participating in local events put on by LEN and network organizations as a photographer/blogger
  • Creation of analytics report to evaluate the performance of LEN communications
  • Outreach booth setup and staffing at certain events
  • Updating our Nationbuilder website with new graphics
  • Designing any new promotional materials (flyers, brochures, graphics etc.)
  • Researching grant opportunities for environmental groups
  • Assisting with organizing workshops and networking events
  • Maintaining a daily log of activities and achievements
  • Performing other similar and related activities as required
  • Reporting project progress to the Supervisor in a timely manner
  • Creating a transition manual to be delivered to the next Intern

Supervision and Mentoring Plan:

The Communications & Graphic Design Assistant will report directly to a  Supervisor at the London Environmental Network. Orientation to the London Environmental Network and the position will be provided at the beginning of the position and will include an overview of the London Environmental Network organizational structure, mandate, policies, procedures and properties.

Project training and supervision will be provided by the Supervisor who will communicate the specific goals, tasks and expectations of individual projects. The Communications & Graphic Design Assistant will work with the Supervisor directly most days and be in contact on a daily basis when working independently.

The Supervisor will meet with the Communications & Graphic Design Assistant once per week to review progress on projects, update work plans accordingly, and discuss new ideas and challenges.  

How to Apply:

Email hello@londonenvironment.net by Friday May 31st 2019 at 5pm with a cover letter and resume. If you have a design portfolio please include. Use “Communications & Graphic Design Assistant Job Application” as your subject line.

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