Volunteer Position Details:

We are seeking Governance Committee volunteers to provide high-quality support to develop and review policies, support with board recruitment and ensure good governance oversight for the organization. The London Environmental Network supports over 45 environmental groups and nonprofits in London through capacity-building resources and amplifying their messaging through our communications platforms. Volunteer work will be primarily done remotely, but in-person meetings are available when allowed.

The Organization:

The London Environmental Network (LEN) is a network of local environmentally focused non-profits and community groups. LEN works to strengthen these groups internally so they are better able to make positive change over the long term. The LEN also works to raise the profile of the environmental non-profit sector so we attract more volunteers and supporters in growing a healthy, sustainable city. Our vision is for London to be known as one of the greenest and most resilient cities in Canada.

Our Culture:

Small but mighty is our trademark! If you are a match, you will be working closely with our staff and volunteer teams to achieve both your personal goals and the organizational goals. We want you to benefit from your time with us at LEN, as much as we want to benefit from your experience. 

Preferable Experience and Skills:

  • Previous experience in customer service, non-profit sector, or sales is desirable.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Some experience with boards or committees of nonprofits an asset.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and independently to meet deliverables. 
  • Reporting skills (tracking, evaluation etc.)

The Details:

The Governance  Committee enables the LEN Board to maintain continuing oversight of the governance and policy affairs of the London Environmental Network. These meetings serve as an opportunity for Committee members to seek clarification and provide suggestions on matters relating to Board business.

The Board of Directors has delegated to the Governance Committee responsibility for assisting the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities over the governance affairs of the Network, and for ensuring the establishment of sound policies and practices which will lead to the long-term sustainability of the Network.

The Governance Committee will be responsible for the following:

  • Developing and recommending to the Board a set of governance principles, policies, standards, and practices that optimally support the objectives
  • Reviewing the governing documents on an annual basis and ensuring they comply with current legislation and for fit for purpose
  • Taking a leadership role in shaping the governance of the Network
  • Recruiting suitable Board members
  • Providing orientation and training programs for Board members, and
  • Evaluating the performance of individual members and the board a whole
  • Ensure that policies are created and periodically reviewed which define:
    • the roles and responsibilities of the board
    • operational items of significance
    • conflict of interest procedures;
    • procedures for nomination, selection, and removal of directors
  • Recruitment & Selection
    • the Board does not fall below the number of directors required by the governing document (5-15 members)
    • directors appointed to the Board understand and agree with the objectives of the organization
    • directors appointed to the board understand and agree to the time and participation requirements of Board members
    • elections and appointments to the board comply with governing documents and other legal requirements
  • The Governance Committee is accountable to the Board for the following tasks:
    • creation and annual review of a 3-5 year plan for board development based on the strategic plan and the annual board assessment
    • annual assessment of the board's strengths and weaknesses; as well as the assessment for the Executive Director
    • ongoing recruitment of members who can augment the strengths and build on the weaknesses
    • coaching and mentoring for directors to develop their own skills as Board members
    • monitoring the attendance and contribution of members;
    • keeping records of recruitment history: names suggested, who approached, what happened
    • producing and keeping current, documents needed for recruitment efforts

How to Apply:

Email [email protected] with a cover letter and resume. Use “Governance Committee Application” as your subject line. This will be forwarded to the Chair, who will follow up with your application.