Go Wild Grow Wild Green Expo 2020


Since March 13, we have all had many challenges and changes, but we have heard remarkable stories of resilience in our community! And we are changing too in response. We are pleased to update you about a new design for Expo 2020 shaped to support you, our community and more participants safely at home!

What we're developing:

Our 2020 Virtual Expo:

Our team is excited to announce that we will be hosting My Wild Green Home 2020 virtually, to bring you the same great exposure, networking and content that we have built together over 5 years of Go Wild Grow Wild Green Expo. Watch for amazing virtual cloud adventures to go, grow and get green safely at home, in partnership with our incredible and resilient community.  Let’s connect 10,000 people with green actions at home in 2020.  Together, we are a growing movement for a healthy planet and a green future.
Planning to launch in May-June 2020 and run until the end of 2020.
Together, let’s dive into the possible and grow our green community at home!
GO on wild adventures at home, over 8 months with local to global virtual guides
GROW wildlife gardens at home with Canada’s Biggest Wildlife Garden, healthy garden seeds, Wild Garden Parties, local wildlife and more 
GREEN your life with green living zone gear, tips, green home projects + support local green business!


We envision:

  • An interactive platform to connect 10,000+ green, active people, groups and businesses 
  • 3 season virtual expo hub with sponsor and exhibitor showcase across 20+ virtual events 
  • Green exhibitor features to connect your events, resources, products, programs, fundraising and pop-ups to more people – using our tech or yours
  • Guest speakers and interactive virtual workshops featuring Indigenous, community, environmental, business and research partners for all ages
  • Special offers and unique adventures for participants 
  • Wild Child at Home featuring backyard fun and wildlife teachings
  • Wild volunteer and ambassador opportunities at home with WWF-Canada, Carolinian Canada and In the Zone.
  • Flexible and equitable access across multiple channels, building on existing programs
  • Mobile tools to choose your healthy planet at home action to restore our future by 2030 with our community of partners 
  • Content that directs viewers and participants to your business or group
    • Examples:
      • Information, techniques and actions to become part of the solution for London’s climate emergency
      • Information about how to do the Project Neutral (climate change) calculator at home and learn to live more sustainably and keep money in your pocket
      • Tours and webinars on reducing waste, what happens at City recycling facilities and EnviroDepot
      • Webinars and promotion about Green Building Renovation Tips and savings co-hosted with local groups and local experts
      • Virtual workshops or tours with link to your business e.g. construction, renovation & demolition material recycling, composting, green renovation
      • Climate-Smart Yard calculator and tips with links to your business
      • Healthy Gardens with In the Zone – exposure to 3,000+ green active people at home PLUS engage your employees at home by connecting your business
      • Corporate Leaders for growing Canada’s Biggest Wildlife Garden

So what’s next?  We’ll be launching soon, but we can’t do this without you.  We need your help!

  • Share your ideas and feedback so we can create this unique, customized experience together. We will be posting a survey in late April to gather these ideas.

We value and thank every member of our community, from small non-profits to major companies for caring about a healthy environment. We are confident with your input, we will collectively shape My Wild Green Home 2020 to support our community at home, engage new friends, create an experience like no other and continue to grow a green future – at home, together. 

    The Go Wild, Grow Wild Green Expo Team:
    London Environmental Network
    City of London
    Carolinian Canada

Go Wild Grow Wild Green Expo empowers people to GO on a wild adventure, GROW wildlife gardens, and live a GREEN lifestyle in Carolinian Canada. There's something for the whole family!

Together with thousands of adventurers, gardeners, nature enthusiasts, families and green people, Go Wild Grow Wild Green Expo is growing a green future. This collaborative movement serves as a catalyst to celebrate, inspire and spark action to protect our wildlife and create a healthy habitat.


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