Evaluation Committee Volunteers

The London Environmental Network (LEN) is seeking individuals who are passionate about growing the impact of the environmental sector in London to join our Evaluation Committee.

This volunteer position would be ideal for people of any age or background, who are looking for ways to make a real difference in their community, and to learn, grow and have fun as part of a dynamic team.

The goal of the Evaluation Committee is to help LEN member organizations examine their objectives, assess their success in reaching their goals, and uncover areas for growth to  maximize their influence within the community. We conduct surveys to gather data from Members and the wider London community, offer platforms for Members to tell their stories and for LEN to share its story. Likewise, the Evaluation Committee will carry out ongoing assessment of LEN and its activities to ensure that it continues to fulfill its mission, meet the needs and expectations of its members, and grow in its visibility and overall performance. We want to ensure that Members (and potential members) continue to get value from their membership of LEN.

In addition, through our action-based activities and events, we witness a natural progression towards collaboration among member organizations. The Evaluation Committee will seek to encourage this collaboration and the action-based activities that grow out of it.

The Role of Committee Member:

  • Regularly evaluate LEN’s impact and find areas for improvement

  • Advance LEN’s storytelling to retain current Members and attract new Members

  • Help LEN and its Members to be accountable to funding sources in terms of deliverables and reporting.

  • Drive resources (funding, people, opportunities) towards LEN

  • Any other actions and activities to enable LEN and its Members to measure and increase their impact.

  • Develop strategy for the Committee

  • Recruit new volunteers to the Committee

  • Engage in succession planning for the Committee

Committee Membership:

  • The Evaluation Committee will be made up of up to 10 individuals, including:

    • Individuals from our Member Organizations
    • Volunteers passionate about the environment
    • Members of LEN’s Board of Directors
  • We are ideally looking for Committee members who have experience, training or significant interest in data collection and analysis, communications, and/or social media. Experience in photography, videography, editing and computer graphics would be an asset.
  • That said, everybody is welcome to apply to join the Committee! The most important thing is your enthusiasm and passion for growing the impact of the environmental sector in London
  • Additional representatives shall be appointed through LEN’s Board of Directors
  • Each term on the Committee shall be 1 year. Terms may be renewed for an additional year.

What you will learn through this volunteer experience:

  • Learn about methods for useful evaluation including qualitative and quantitative evaluation techniques
  • First-hand experience developing surveys, administering surveys, data analysis,and reporting results
  • Understanding of the use of story-telling, photography, blogging, and videography in evaluation
  • Contribute to strategic planning
  • Network with individuals in the environmental sector
  • Understanding of environmental issues and solutions in London

Decision Making and Reporting:

Decisions shall be reached by consensus. If consensus cannot be reached, a simple majority vote of those in attendance will decide the issue. Voting by email is also permitted.

The Chair shall submit a written report to the Executive Director following each meeting of the Evaluation Committee detailing the Committee’s progress, findings and future projects. The Chair, or other designated Committee member, shall also present this information to the Board of Directors at each meeting.

Time Commitments:  

Monthly meetings - day and time of meetings determined based on current Committee Members’ availability. In addition, we expect Committee members to contribute 1-3 additional hours of independent work throughout the month.

To Apply: Interested candidates should email volunteer@londonenvironment.net with “Evaluation Committee” in the subject line. Please send a resume and a short explanation of why you would like to join the Evaluation Committee.

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