Greener Homes Incentives (federal government) 

Up to 700,000 grants of up to $5,000 to help homeowners make energy-efficient improvements to their homes, supported by an EnerGuide evaluation. See here for details. You also receive the cost of the EnerGuide evaluation back for a total of $5,600 in available Greener Homes funding. 

Home Efficiency Rebate 

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If you are thinking about starting renovations or installing energy efficiency retrofit measures check out the incentives from Enbridge Gas as you may be eligible to receive up to $5,000 in financial incentives. To be eligible for these rebates you must first have an EnerGuide completed. 

Smart Thermostat Program 

For Enbridge Gas customers who reside in detached, semi-detached or row townhomes, you can now get an instant $75 rebate towards a qualifying smart thermostat purchase

Income-eligible Programs

Home Winterproofing Program - Income-eligible households can apply for the Enbridge Gas free Home Winterproofing Program. If you qualify, you may be eligible to receive free home retrofit improvements, including improved insulation and a smart or programmable thermostat to reduce energy costs and help the environment! Check it out here! 

Save On Energy

Home Assistance Program - The Save on Energy Home Assistance Program offers free energy-efficiency upgrades for income-eligible homeowners and tenants, and eligible social housing providers. Click here to find out if you qualify!
Save on Energy also has a First Nations Conservation Program to provide free energy-efficient upgrades to homes in participating Indigenous communities.
Click here to find out more.  

Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) - The OESP is an Ontario Energy Board (OEB) program that lowers electricity bills for lower-income households. The OESP provides a monthly credit to eligible customers based on household income and household size. The OESP credits are applied directly to eligible customers’ bills. Credits range from $45 to $113 per household per month depending on income, number of residents and energy usage. See if you're eligible here.

Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) - Low-income customers can get up to $500 in emergency assistance for their electricity bills ($600 if your home is heated electrically) and $500 for their natural gas bills. The assistance is only available if you are behind on your bill – or in arrears  and may face having your service disconnected. You cannot receive more money than you owe on your bill. Therefore, you may not receive the full amount of the grant. Find out more here