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The London Environmental Network is a local environmental charity working to increase residential sustainability within our community through our Greener Homes London program. We are a registered service organization that currently offers Home Energy Assessments to London & surrounding areas. Our active service areas include N6C, N5Y, N5V, N6G, N5W, N0M, N5X, N5Z, N6A, N6B, N6E, N6H, N6J, N6K, N6L, N6M, N6N, N6P, but we can also accept external addresses on an individual basis. 

The London Environmental Network is a registered service organization with the Canada Greener Homes Grant, the Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate and the HER+ program as of January 1st, 2023. Pre and post-retrofit energy audits are required to qualify for up to $5000 of reimbursement for eligible retrofits and renovations with an additional up to $600 coverage for audit reimbursements. 

To select the London Environmental Network as your service organization within your grant applications please select "the London Environmental Network (Green Communities Canada)" as your choice of service organization. For Enbridge applications, the next step includes booking your first energy audit. For the Canada Greener Homes Initiative (grant or loan), we will contact you with booking information once your application has been approved for the program.

Please note, that properties more than 40km from London's City Centre Towers are subject to a $50 travel fee to better support our auditors for their time. Additionally, properties more than 71km from London's City Centre Towers are subject to a $75 travel fee.


Book Your Home Energy Assessment


EnerGuide Audits also known as home energy assessments are intended to help you understand how your home uses energy now, and identify retrofits to help improve energy efficiency. The evaluation is carried out by an energy advisor registered with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). The energy advisor will assess your entire home from the basement to the attic using professional analysis equipment, the advisor will recommend the best approaches to improve the overall efficiency of your home.


EnerGuide audits are required to access the federal Greener Homes incentives, the CMHC no-interest loans for sustainable retrofits, and Enbridge Gas' Home Efficiency Rebate. A Registered Energy Advisor will visit your home to gather data, model your current energy usage and make recommendations to make your home more comfortable, more efficient, more sustainable, and to find you cost-saving opportunities!

Greener Homes London works to provide residents with the guidance, tools and resources to assist them with reducing their environmental impact at home. With a focus on highlighting the advantages of green modifications, and the benefits of retrofit projects including significantly reducing energy consumption, and often natural gas consumption as well. This, in turn, lowers utility costs and provides a more comfortable home environment. We do our best to keep up to date on available rebates and incentive programs that provide financial assistance for implementing green modifications, our ultimate goal is to create more sustainable homes in London & beyond. 


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