Steps to The Home Energy Assessment & Rebate Process

Follow along through the steps involved with a home energy assessment for the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus Program (HER+) and/or the Canada Greener Homes Loan Program. 

1. Check Your Eligibility for the HER+ (Home Efficiency Rebate Plus) Program 


2. Book Your Pre-Retrofit Energy Assessment 

  • There are no applications or portals for the HER+ program
  • Because of this, the next step is the home energy assessment
  • Your advisor will submit the reports on your behalf to Enbridge and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
  • To book an energy assessment with the London Environmental Network; click this link


3. Prepare For Your Home Energy Assessment 

  • Ensure you have a valid ID, a property tax bill less than one-year-old, and an Enbridge bill less than one year old (when applicable) 
  • Ensure your home is clean and clear of any obstructions 
  • Ensure the advisor can access your basement and attic
  • If the home has vermiculite insulation, please review the Preparing for a Home Energy Assessment web page

4. On the Day of The Energy Assessment 

  • The advisor will be present for roughly 1.5- 2 hours
  • They will review the interior and exterior of the home, and examine it from top to bottom, looking at the health of mechanical systems, and windows, they will review current insulation levels, and perform an air-leakage test (also known as a blower door test)to determine the energy-efficient and carbon reduction-based retrofits that will have the largest impact on your home 
  • A legal homeowner is required to be present 
  • The HER+ program terms and conditions, the NRCan Energy Rating System, and the NRCan Notice to the Homeowner forms will be signed to submit you and your home through the HER+ program


5. After Your Energy Assessment

  • Homeowners should automatically receive their homeowner residential upgrade report, info sheet, and label directly to their email within 2-4 weeks of the assessment date
  • If you have not received your report within 4 weeks from your assessment date, email greenerh[email protected] and we can manually send your report 


6. Gather Quotes & Plan Your Retrofits 

  • After receiving your residential upgrade report, you can now begin planning your retrofits
  • Get quotes for any retrofits you plan to undertake
  • Plan your retrofit financing to have the largest impact on the energy efficiency and carbon usage of the home, along with aligning with your financial and personal priorities 
  • Getting at least three quotes for each retrofit you plan to undertake is highly recommended to ensure you are getting a fair price and an educated professional
  • Choosing companies that specialize in the work you need is always recommended. For example; choosing a heat pump specialist rather than a traditional furnace-AC technician for the work you need to be completed 
  • If you are looking for London-based companies to complete your retrofits, you can email us at [email protected] for further assistance


7. **Optional** Apply For The Canada Greener Homes Loan Program- Up To $40,000 Interest-Free With A Ten-Year Payback Period 

  • Interested and eligible homeowners should apply for the Canada Greener Homes Loan program before beginning any retrofitting
  • The Canada Greener Homes Loan Program is intended to be combined with the HER+ program
  • To be eligible for the Canada Greener Homes Loan Program, homeowners must be eligible for the Canada Greener Homes Grant side of the HER+ program
  • Homeowners apply with their residential upgrade report and their quotes for the work they are undertaking 
  • Ensure quotes are accurate for the work being completed as that is what the loan financing amount is based upon 
  • Homeowners should apply for all retrofits they wish to undertake as the application cannot be revised or updated down the line 
  • It is always recommended to wait for loan approval before beginning any retrofit work 
  • The Canada Greener Homes Loan program sets a tentative one-year work period to complete any retrofits 
  • Up to 10% of loan funding can be provided in advance if the homeowner can demonstrate need (eg. required downpayment for a retrofit)


8. Confirm Your Retofit Eligibility 

  • At any time before purchasing and installing your retrofits, confirm their eligibility 
  • Any product-based retrofits with makes and models (eg. windows, heat pumps, water heaters and more) can be confirmed through the NRCan Searchable Product List 
  • Installation Requirements can be verified through the Enbridge HER+ Terms and Conditions, or the NRCan Eligible Retrofits and Grant Amount List
    • *Note; The NRCan Eligible Retrofit and Rebate List contains rebates for the NRCan Canada Greener Homes Grant rebates only
    • Those eligible for the Enbridge customer bonus rebates can receive higher rebates than the rebates noted on the NRCan site
  • If you are working with a contractor or certified professional, it is still recommended to confirm your retrofit eligibility with them ahead of beginning any work 


9. Complete Your Retrofit Work 

  • After confirming your retrofit eligibility, it is time to begin the work! 
  • It is usually recommended to complete retrofits impacting the building envelope (insulation upgrades, window upgrades, and air sealing) before replacing any heating and cooling systems 
  • For any retrofits that are not visually verifiable- eg. continuous wall insulation, it is recommended to take photos throughout documenting the process in case Enbridge or NRCan wishes to confirm the installation 
  • It is recommended to have your certified professional or contractor sign the mechanical attestation form, certifying the work
  • Once all retrofits you wish to submit through the HER+ and/or Canada Greener Homes Loan program have been completed, it is time for your post-retrofit assessment 
  • Leave any Energy Star Rating/summary of specs stickers on windows and doors until the post-retrofit assessment has been completed 
  • Ensure any electrical-based work is in line with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code 


10. Book Your Post-Retrofit Assessment


11. Have Your Post-Retrofit Assessment 

  • On the day of your post-retrofit assessment, the advisor will spend roughly an hour to an hour and a half completing a post-retrofit assessment 
  • Have any proof of purchase for your installed retrofits prepared for the advisor to review and document 
  • The advisor will review your installed retrofits and complete another blower door test to review the home improvements between the pre and post-retrofit assessment 
  • The advisor will provide an expected rebate summary sheet for you to sign off on
    • *Note it is an expected rebate summary sheet because we cannot certify the rebates you will receive
    • The evaluation and rebate payout is up to NRCan and Enbridge (when applicable) respectively


12. Receive Your Post-Retrofit Report 

  • Within 2-4 weeks you should receive your post-retrofit renovation upgrade report, label, and homeowner information sheet
  • If you have not received your post-retrofit report within four weeks, email [email protected]
  • Your updated file and renovation report will be submitted to NRCan and Enbridge through your service organization directly


13. Receive Your Rebates

  • Rebate timelines vary between 12-30 weeks based on demand and the number of applications received. Timelines are adjusted regularly based on the number of applications received by NRCan and Enbridge respectfully 
  • To be notified of the current rebate timelines, contact NRCan or Enbridge directly
  • Once your post-retrofit assessment file and report have been submitted to NRCan and Enbridge (when applicable) rebates are sent through the mail directly to the homeowner 


Contact Information:

London Environmental Network:

  • To contact LEN regarding energy assessments, financial incentives, or the Greener Homes London Program: 


 Natural Resources Canada: 


Enbridge Gas (legacy Union Gas):

  • To contact Enbridge regarding the HER+ program, other energy efficiency programs, or the status of your HER+ rebates:
    • Phone: 844-777-3149