Our first Depave Paradise event in London was completed at Fanshawe College in August 2021. This project focused on revitalizing the neglected Arts Courtyard to create a more functional and engaging environment for students, staff, and visitors. 

With support from 59 volunteers, we removed approximately 118 square metres of under-utilized pavement and replaced it with gardens and permeable surfaces.

The site now includes porous pavement (a permeable surface material made from recycled tires) supplemented by a rain and pollinator garden featuring over 150 native plants and 2 trees in the area.

Watch us Depave Paradise Below!

Thank you to our volunteers that helped us transform the space! 

Thank you to our fantastic local project partners who offered their time, services, and products to make Depave Paradise a successful event: 

Green Communities Canada, Fanshawe College, City of London, Porous Pave Ontario, TRY Recycling Inc, Heeman's, MTE Consultants, Stone Paradise, and McCabe Promotional Advertising Inc.

We love working with local organizations for our community programs, and we are looking forward to our next events!


Check out the sign:

Cole Taylor


(He/ They) Environmental Design + Planning