Fanshawe College LogoOur inaugural Depave Paradise event is located at Fanshawe College and focuses on revitalizing the neglected Arts Courtyard to create a more functional and engaging environment for students, staff, and visitors. 

By depaving approximately 100 square metres of under-utilized pavement and replacing it with permeable surfaces such as porous paving or garden spaces, we are able to promote sustainable urban landscapes and encourage native species to thrive.  

This project is targeting the student population and aims to provide a space for creating, learning, and engaging within a natural environment.  The proposed garden space provides an opportunity for students in various horticultural programs to experiment with new varieties and ideas for future projects.  The proposed workspace allows students the opportunity to work or present outdoors and the overall courtyard design provides an aesthetically pleasing and ecologically supportive environment for students indoors and outdoors.


Fanshawe courtyard site before the depaving event.   Fanshawe courtyard site before the depaving event.