In a world dominated by concrete jungles and digital screens, the importance of reconnecting with nature cannot be overstated. Wilton Grove Public School in London Ontario took a remarkable step in this direction by hosting the DePave Paradise event, a transformative initiative that has turned a lifeless, paved area into a vibrant hub of learning and natural beauty. The event saw the evolution of a neglected space into an outdoor classroom surrounded by inviting armour stone seating/retaining walls, all nestled within a thriving pollinator garden adorned with over 300 native grasses, sedges, flowering plants, and bushes. 


   DePave Install Day! From soil delivery/spreading, to installing plants and covering with mulch!


Breathing Life into Neglected Space

The DePave Paradise event at Wilton Grove Public School was a collaborative effort that brought together the London Environmental Network, teachers/principals and local highschool volunteers, all sharing a common vision of creating a beautiful green space. The transformation began with the cutting and removal of 200 sq meters of pavement, followed by creating a beautiful garden filled with 300 native plants. The ultimate goal of this DePave event is the creation of an outdoor learning classroom, a space designed to inspire curiosity and facilitate experiential learning. Encircled by thoughtfully placed armour stone seating/retaining walls, this outdoor learning space provides a serene backdrop for outdoor lessons. Students have the opportunity to engage with their surroundings on a deeper level, whether it's observing the growth of plants, studying pollinators in action, or simply enjoying a lecture while enjoying the sun on their skin. This hands-on approach to education fosters a profound connection to nature, nurturing young minds to become responsible stewards of the environment.

Embracing a Greener Future

The transformation of a paved area into a thriving outdoor classroom and pollinator garden at Wilton Grove Public School is a testament to the power of collective action and the profound impact of embracing nature. This initiative not only beautifies the school grounds but also educates, inspires, and plants the seeds of environmental consciousness in the hearts of the next generation.

As the outdoor classroom hosts lessons under the open sky and the pollinator garden continues to bloom and buzz, the DePave Paradise event stands as a shining example of how a small change can bring about a monumental shift in perspective. The students of Wilton Grove Public School are not just learning about nature; they are becoming part of it, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for us all.


One month later you can see the outdoor learning space starting to take shape!