Project Neutral is hiring!


With new three-year funding from Ontario’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Project Neutral is investing in our tech platform, adding new features that will help them engage more households and catalyze the adoption of low-carbon actions, as well as expanding their footprint to five new cities across Ontario.

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Summer Update: What is LEN up to?

Summer is here and we bet you are outside taking full advantage of the delightful weather. Despite being outside and probably not near a computer (maybe you’re reading this on your cellphone actually), we thought you might be interested in hearing what the London Environmental Network has been up to. Skylar is aiming to have a quarterly update on LEN’s ongoing work that everyone can enjoy and use to stay in touch with LEN!

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Volunteer Management

The resources below are intended to help your group think through all stages of the volunteer management cycle to create a strong volunteer program. Good planning within each stage of the cycle can increase your group’s capacity by helping you retain great volunteers!

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Volunteer Role Descriptions

Having clearly-defined volunteer role descriptions is a win-win:

  • As soon as someone decides they are interested in your cause or organization, they are presented with a specific, tangible way they can contribute, which increases the likelihood they will sign up right then
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The London Environmental Network helps protect our environment and build a sustainable community by doing everything we can to help our member organizations deliver on each of their own important missions.The London Environmental Network provides our member organizations..Read More

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