Growing Chefs is Hiring

The Growing Chefs! Ontario (GCO) mission is to get kids excited about healthy, wholesome food. Our belief is that engaging  food education programs for children can catalyze the evolution of a healthier, empowered community that is engaged with its food system. GCO will hire three (3) Youth Food Education Assistants for May-August (or early September), 2018 to partner in this mission.

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Freshwater Alliance is Hiring

Summer Student, Outreach & Community Coordinator – Lake Erie & Thames River
London, ON. 2 positions, 8 weeks (start date July 3rd, negotiable)
4 days/week, 30 hours/week

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Clean and Green in the Forest City

A rallying cry is again rising in the Forest City - a call to beauty, reflected by such serene emerald hearts as London’s city parks - a call that asks us to see them as they should be, and act to make it so.

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Urban Roots: Farming the Future

In the heart of the city – some wretched stretch of land lays dormant, abandoned – divested of all meaning - asleep in the midst of bleak dreams.  But where one sees desolate vacancy, a barren waste, another sees a paradise as yet grown, an opportunity “for something better,” as Founding Director Richie Bloomfield from Urban Roots explains.

But what is Urban Roots exactly?

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The London Environmental Network helps protect our environment and build a sustainable community by doing everything we can to help our member organizations deliver on each of their own important missions.The London Environmental Network provides our member organizations..Read More

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