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We have funding for a 2 month contract (8 weeks) starting July 1st 2019 to Friday August 23rd 2019. We do have some flexibility on the start and end dates however – so don’t let that be a deterrent! 

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Sustainability Targets and Actions Forum March 26 2019

Green Economy London brought together some of the finest minds in business of London, looking to create better environmental and economic goals for our community. Over 65 business leaders attended the Sustainability Targets and Actions Forum hosted at the Labatt’s Brewery on March 26th 2019, in support of designing the frameworks for Green Economy London.

Green Economy London proves the business-case for sustainability by demonstrating how reducing emissions can improve the bottom line, mitigate business risks, help develop a credible brand, and improve the ability to attract and retain consumers, shareholders, and top tier employees.

Through this forum we were able to gather great insight from a broad range of businesses in London on their challenges and solutions in completing ambitious, yet attainable goals to GHG, waste and water reductions. Each business that signs on as a member of Green Economy London will receive support on how to measure, monitor, and set targets for GHG, waste and water reductions following parameters in Green Economy London’s respective frameworks.

The top three services that businesses were most interested in were workshops and training, staff engagement and sustainability project ideas and project planning. Some challenges for moving forward on sustainability initiatives include lack of funding or knowledge and no specific dedicated staff person. All businesses were interested in local incentives and recognition.

Green Economy London is joining six other Green Economy Hubs in Ontario communities that support and celebrate businesses as they set and achieve sustainability goals. To date, businesses in Green Economy Hubs have collectively reduced 59,105 tonnes of GHGs – the equivalent of taking over 12,600 cars off the road for one year – while increasing their profitability. While Green Economy Hubs have experienced success in GHG reductions, London will be the first community additionally implement the water and waste reduction frameworks.

The businesses that have joined Green Economy Hubs are proving to make a difference to the environment and the communities surrounding them. Green Economy London is proud to be apart of this vision and commend the businesses that have the initiative to turn environmental goals into realities. With Green Economy London starting up in spring 2019, London accepts the challenge to a greener environment and a stronger economy.

Food Production Within our Urban Forests

Food Production Within our Urban Forests -  A Strategy to Reduce the Impacts of Climate Change
Interest and demand is growing, so as to localize fruit & nut production.  As a result people are taking action! Both the city of London & ReForest London have funded fruit tree give aways and the establishment of orchards & food forests on public lands.

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Go Wild, Grow Wild, Green Expo 2019

Join thousands at the largest, wildest, greenest, most adventurous events in Ontario’s southwest.

For 2019's Go Wild, Grow Wild, Green Expo the London Environmental Network has partnered up with Carolinian Canada Coalition to make this year's Expo the biggest and greenest to date! If you haven't been to Go Wild, Grow Wild before - now's your chance.

Calling all #WildOnes!

Differentiate yourself from the competition and attract your ideal partners/customers by supporting this inspiring, locally-focused, family-friendly, action-packed event with a diverse and fast-growing base. Go Wild Grow Wild will inspire attendees to GO on a wild adventure, GROW wildlife gardens, and live a GREEN lifestyle in Carolinian Canada.

A Unique Opportunity

Be part of this unique opportunity to connect with thousands at the largest gathering of the region’s citizens, experts, organizations, groups and businesses committed to growing a GREEN future. Go Wild Grow Wild inspires Ontarians to discover wild places, get outdoors, grow great gardens, and live green in Carolinian Canada, from Toronto to Windsor.

A ground-breaking series of events and digital content for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, gardeners & green people

By joining Go Wild Grow Wild, your brand will be seen by thousands of Ontarians who are looking to connect with world-class parks and trails, local gardening supply stores, family vacations, and guided tours.

Apply for a booth today to connect with this amazing group of people!


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