On September 25, 2018, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario released her 2018 Greenhouse Gas Progress Report, Climate Action in Ontario: What’s Next?, to the Ontario Legislature.

The report calls on the provincial government to create a climate change law that drives down emissions while funding sensible solutions. A meaningful climate law needs science-based emissions budgets, a legal obligation to stay within those budgets, and credible, transparent progress reporting.

Read the full report or visit their website to read more.

The River Talks - October 2018

Gather at Deshkan Ziibi/Thames River for three days of indoor and outdoor talks, walks, activations, and art focused on river ecology, hydrology, culture, history, conservation, and gender and social justice. 
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Blogging About Plogging

Our monthly challenge to go plogging for 30 minutes a week is up, and we're sharing our results with you. How did we do? What did we learn? We'll also be getting down to the shocking stats about litter and how it ends up in our environment. But - it doesn't have to be this way. Plogging does have a positive impact, and it becomes even stronger when more people do it. 

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Reimagine: Shifting the Culture of Consumption

Where History Meets the Future

When you enter the building, there’s an immediate sense of something special, hidden beyond sight, an afterimage of history sleeping in the warm scent of pine, swaddled in the energetic potential of change on the horizon.

Here the intersection of past and future is rising in the old Novacks building where a bustling community of volunteers and community animators work to create a space where ideas around waste and consumption can flourish, and a community can form.

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The London Environmental Network helps protect our environment and build a sustainable community by doing everything we can to help our member organizations deliver on each of their own important missions.The London Environmental Network provides our member organizations..Read More

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